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How are your dice made?

All of my dice are handmade from start to finish, including the making of the molds from which my dice are cast. Each set is made by placing inclusions and pouring resin into the molds and letting them cure in a pressure pot to reduce bubbles. After that, they get sanded and polished. Finally, they are inked! 

How much are your dice and how do I buy them?

All of my prices are listed in CAD. Standard 7pc sets start at $140. Pricing will depend on complexity of design and will increase for 8 and 9 pc sets. Raw, unfinished sets start at $80. 

The best way to buy my dice is in shop updates. My Patreon offers early access benefits to all of my shop updates. From time to time, I will host an auction or flash sale on my Instagram account, private patreon discord, or on the Handmade Dice Market Group on Facebook. Make sure you're following me on Instagram for all the latest information. Who knows, you might even get lucky and win a giveaway! 

How often do you update your shop?

Dice making is a very time-consuming and laborious process. I have a full-time job and I make dice and paint in my spare time! It takes quite a while to build up enough stock for a sale. I will aim to have a sale every 8 weeks at minimum, but it will be very dependent on my schedule. Any planned shop updates will be advertised on the homepage and on my Instagram.

What can I expect buying handmade dice?

First and foremost, please keep in mind that, as handmade products, there may be small scratches or marks that show up during the casting process. I do my best to remove them, but sometimes it's just not possible. Any significant issues will be disclosed in the listing and the dice will be priced accordingly. Please review the listing photos and descriptions carefully before you purchase. 

Are your dice balanced?

If your DM is okay with you rolling Chessex or other factory-made dice, you can roll these. Simply put, the only 100% balanced dice are made in hermetically sealed chambers to stop any air from getting into them and then used for gambling in casinos.

Most handmade dice are fairly balanced; however, a majority of dice - including factory-made sets - are not 100% balanced. Different colors in your favorite sets weigh differently, but it's at such a minuscule amount that it won't make a difference to your rolls. I do my best to keep my dice balanced, but inclusions, decorative elements, and the general process of dice made by humans make it impossible to guarantee perfect balance. However, they are suitable for casual play. 

For those who are more curious and want to know more, you can read more about dice and balance here.

How do I care for my dice?

  • Use: Avoid rolling your dice on hard surfaces like glass, concrete, and stone.
  • Cleaning: Wipe gently with a microfiber cloth and a small amount of soapy water. Avoid getting too much water in the number wells. Dry immediately. Avoid using other cleaning substances.
  • Storage: Please store away from direct sunlight and heat. Leaving in direct sunlight for extended periods of time can lead to discoloration in the resin. Exposure to direct heat can soften your dice.


What is a Dutch Pour painting?

Dutch Pour is an acrylic pouring technique that uses air to manipulate the paints on a canvas. Originally coined and created by Dutch artist Rinske Douna, the Dutch Pour is a technique that produces delicate ribbons of color and beautiful lacing details. 

How can I buy a painting?

Currently you can only buy a painting from me through a custom commission request. Please contact me if you are interested in a painting!

How do I care for my painting?

Please hang your painting away from prolonged direct sunlight to avoid any discoloration in the resin coating. To remove dust or fingerprints, wipe the painting gently with a damp microfiber cloth. Dry immediately. Avoid using other cleaning substances.


How much is shipping? 

I ship via Canada Post. Every package is tracked and insured. I cannot post guaranteed rates for shipping on paintings due to the varying sizes and weights of each painting.

Any shipment outside of Canada may be subject to customs fees on arrival. I have zero control over this. Also due to COVID-19, shipments may experience delays.

Dice rates are as follows:

Canada: $15 *
United States: $15
International: $25


* Local Pickup
If you live in the greater Edmonton region and would like to avoid paying for shipping by picking up an order, just send me an email with your order number. We will setup a pickup time and location and I will refund the shipping cost once your order is picked up.

What is your return and exchange policy?

Since this is a one-person shop, I am not able to offer refunds. Please read the Refund Policy for more information.

What if my parcel is lost/damaged in the mail?

If you suspect your parcel has been damaged, lost or delivered to the wrong address, please reach out to me ASAP to discuss your options. 

Parcels that are delivered to the address inputted in your customer account and then stolen and/or damaged after delivery are not the responsibility of Fox.e.poxy Creations and will not be compensated under any circumstances. 

For more information, please read the Shipping Policy.


For those looking for my tumbling guide, it can be found in my bio links on my socials or by clicking here. I also have a highlight on my Instagram with answers to some frequently asked questions.